Sathya Sai Thiruvizha, Perambur

Summary :

“Take one step towards ME and I will take hundred steps towards you” – This is what Bhagwan Baba had told and the Sai Youth of Chennai Metro South had another opportunity to experience the same.

Decoration at the Village School

82nd Birthday of Bhagwan Baba was celebrated on Sunday, 25th November 2007 at Perambur Village by Sai Youth of Chennai Metro South. This event was titled as ‘Sri Sathya Sai Thiruvizha’ and the proceedings of the day stand a testimony to the title.

The venue of the program was the school play ground at the village. The road leading to the school and the school ground was decorated by the youth of the village. It was great surprise to see such a beautiful decoration. We felt, Bhagwan had reached the village before us and was welcoming us!.

The day’s proceedings started with Veda Parayanam and Sri Sathya Sai Bhajan. The residents of the village – young and old – had assembled in the place where the bhajans were conducted. This was followed by a short talk on Bhagwan by District President, Chennai Metro South. A brief introduction was provided to the residents of the village about the ‘Sri Sathya Sai Village Integration Program’ (SSS VIP) by the State Youth Co-ordinator of Tamilnadu.

Sri Sathya Sai Bhajan

After this brief introduction, there were inauguration of Library for the school, blackboards and electrification for the Balvadi (Primary School) and Drinking water taps for the school. Water filter was provided to the balvadi along with mats for the children.

Tree plantation was undertaken in the village with active participation from the village youth. Trees were planted and a protective fence was put around the tree. A custodian has been identified for each tree, to take care of the tree and nurture it.

Also, the village youth wing was officially inaugurated and a board to this effect was erected at the entrance of the village.

Inauguration of School Library

The attention of everyone was then shifted to the play ground and the opening game was a ‘Kabadi Final’ for the Village Youth. The league games were conducted during the previous weeks and the finalists had been identified. Cricket was also conducted for the Village Youth and all the games had been completed in the previous week. Then there were games for the school children which included games like running, filling the bottle, lemon and spoon, etc. Games were also conducted for women in the village and also the elders.

There was a ‘Rope Climbing’ event for the village youth and this was followed by 1500 meter cross country race. The village pond was the venue for the swimming competition and the village youth participated in this with great enthusiasm. The village elders had an opportunity to relive their childhood days when ‘Musical Chair’ was conducted for them.

Inauguration of renovated School balvadi

The entire village was there throughout all the games and they encouraging all the participants. Such a response from a village, where the Sai Youth were performing Seva for the fist time, had everyone in joyful tears.

Prasadam was distributed in the form of afternoon lunch. This ‘Narayana Seva’ was provided for the entire village and one could see the joy in their eyes when they tasted the ‘Special Vegetable Biryani’. Also in the menu were sweet, curd rice, onion raita and pickle..

A raongoli competition was organized for the women in the village and the materials for rangoli were distributed to all the participants. Almost every house in the village participated in this competition and all the streets of the village were suddenly transformed into festive mood with lots of colourful raongolis. The judges must have had a really tough time in deciding the winners – which were 10 in number.

The evening event started with ‘Sri Sathya Sai Pallak Seva’ where a portrait was Bhagwan Baba was carried in a beautifully decorated palanquin.

Tree Plantation
All the streets in the village were covered in this procession with the Village Youth taking the lead to carry the palanquin. Haarathi was performed by the members of each and every house in the village and ladoo prasadam was distributed to them.

After the ‘Pallak Seva’ prizes were distributed to the winners of the various games. There was Maha Mangala Haarathi followed by Fireworks display. And the last program for the day was a video show titled’ Sai Sankalpa’ which explains about the various facets of Bhagwan Baba.

The entire day’s event bears testimony to Bhagwan’s saying “Take one step towards ME and I will a hundred steps towards you”. The one step that the Sai Youth had taken was identifying the village and deciding to celebrate Bhagwan’s Birthday in that village. The ‘Hundred Steps’ by Bhagwan was the response that the residents of the village showed in participating with lot of enthusiasm and joy in the all the events organized.

Commencement of Village Youth Wing

Sack Race Game for school boys

Rope Climbing for Village Youth

Swimming Race for Village Youth

‘1500m Cross country Race’ for Village Youth

Narayana Seva

Little narayanas accepting the affection

They really loved the prasadam

The whole village participated in the Rangoli Competition

Innovation in Rangoli

Pallak Seva - Harthi by Village Woman

Pallak Seva

Prize Distribution

Maha Mangala Harthi